Alcoholism Treatment Centers

As alcoholism continues to be an increasingly pervasive problem in the United States, the number of alcohol-related treatment programs continues to grow as well. As a result of this glut of treatment options, determining which recovery program to choose is much more difficult than for just about any other type of treatment. A treatment center chosen hastily can easily land you or your loved one in a facility that is not prepared to properly address their level of abuse or addiction. This often will lead patients to relapse and begin the vicious cycle of going back and forth between drinking and sobriety. Sometimes the opposite happens, and patients are reluctant to make any further attempts at recovery after having failed the first time. These patients who have failed at their original attempt at treatment often mistakenly believe that all treatment centers must be the same, so why bother trying again anywhere else?

What to Look for in Alcoholism Treatment Centers

The way a treatment facility handles the detox process is very important, and can often be a good indicator of what to expect from the rest of their treatment program. One common complaint of many patients is that most treatment centers do not have their own detox facility; patients in this situation are forced to first go to a third-party facility – with no guarantee that it is anywhere near their primary facility – to undergo detox and then come back to the treatment center after they have finished. We believe that patients should be made as comfortable as possible during their detox period, and that detox should be medically supervised at a professional treatment center with their own detox unit. We also recommend that patients physically remove themselves from their local surroundings and any potentially dangerous lifestyle circumstances by choosing an inpatient treatment center whenever possible. 

How to find the Right Treatment Option for You

Unfortunately, most people have no one to whom they can turn to for a personal recommendation or advice on what kind of treatment program to select. This is why the NAC exists – to help anyone looking for assistance with a recommendation on a quality treatment center here in the US.

Contact the National Alcoholism Center anytime toll-free at (888) 515-7704 or through our online form for our recommendations of the best alcohol treatment centers for you or your loved one!

Alcoholism treatment should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a professional licensed treatment facility.